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Hyperpigmentation hero

Hyperpigmentation hero

Hyperpigmentation hero

Our  SkinSense Advanced Anti-Pigmentation Perfecting Serum offers a potent mix of non-sensitising actives which act as pigmentation mitigators including: Niacinamide (10%), Hexylresorcinol (1%), Liquorice Extract, hydrator Hyaluronic Acid (0.05%), and SkinSense’s signature complex Linefill™.

These work together as one simple product step in a routine to reduce and prevent pigmentation, reduce sallowness, fine lines, and strengthen the skins natural barrier, protecting cells from further damage and calming inflammation.

The combination of Niacinamide and Hexylresorcinol in the same formula has also been noted for delivering superior results on skin tone, pigmentation and inflammation than when each is used alone. Designed for those with skin needing support both to mitigate existing pigmentation from UV damage and hormonal changes, and also to prevent further instances on the skin, this serum takes the most effective and targeted ingredients, encapsulates them for stability and delivers them in one single formula.

Encapsulated in lamellar structures, the potent active combination is delivered just below the skin’s surface, keeping them working for longer.

“Knowing what each ingredient in your product actually does and at what potency or percentage is important, but it’s equally important that this information is in context – that goes to formula. Can the way the ingredients are formulated deliver the results for you when you use it? Protecting their efficacy and how the skin absorbs them is key, and our lamellar structure does exactly this. Consistency in addressing pigmentation as part of a skincare routine alongside SPF every day will reap rewards.” Abi Cleeve, founder SkinSense

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