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Your guide to cleansing

Your guide to cleansing

Your guide to cleansing

Great skin is built upon the foundation of a good cleansing regime. This simple ritual starts our day, refreshing and preparing our skin as a healthy base for skincare and make-up and in the evening, we remove our stresses as we massage away make-up, impurities and essential SPF. 

It’s good to understand the importance of effective cleansing to help you make the best choices for your skin type and lifestyle to leave your skin soft and healthy. 

Good cleansing will gently break the bonds that hold the dry dead skin cells that sit on the surface of your skin leading to dullness and congestion.  By removing these dead skin cells, you reveal younger, fresher and plumper skin cells that absorb your skincare actives more effectively.  The result is every other formula you have invested in is working at maximum levels.  

Think about how your skin feels after cleansing, it shouldn’t be dry or tight but supple and hydrated, a sign that your skin barrier is balanced.  Choose a cleanser that gently removes excess oils and impurities without harsh, abrasive ingredients or exfoliation that may tear your skin or cause reactions and redness.  If you have oily skin or are prone to congestion and breakouts, it may be tempting to look for a formula that promises squeaky clean skin however, our skin should be nourished and balanced.   

 For mature, dry or sensitive skin, we recommend our Gentle Cleansing Balm that removes the daily build-up of impurities without disrupting the skin's natural PH balance.  The melting soft texture transforms from a comforting balm to a lightweight oil. Take the time to massage into your skin to take the day away. Calming Chamomile soothes irritated or sensitive skin whilst plumping Linefill leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.  This formula is also particularly suitable for those prone to irritation and Rosacea.   

Our luxurious Purifying Double Cleanse offers a perfect 2-in-1 solution. A light creamy texture that effortlessly melts away all traces of make-up and impurities that suits all skin types.  Rich in plant oils, vitamins and nutrients, your skin will feel instantly refreshed and free from excess grease. The perfect choice if you like one formula without the need to double cleanse. 

Alternatively our Ceramide24 Delicate Cleansing Cream contains 4% Lactic Acid to gently eliminate the build up of dead skin cells. Transforming from a delicate cream into an effective cleansing oil it is enriched with a soothing blend of Safflower Seed and Sweet Almond oil. This nourishing formula helps hydrate and gently cleansing & exfoliating the skin.

Finish your cleansing regime with our PH Balancing Micellar Toner that restored skin to its natural PH balance which can be disrupted by hard water residue.  It removes any remaining impurities and leaves the skin beautifully hydrated whilst removing stubborn traces of make-up.  The light spray dispenser delivers a refreshing mist of Hyaluronic Acid, Watermint and Zinc that creates the perfect base to optimise the efficacy of the next step in your skincare. 


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