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Your guide to a heathy skin barrier

Your guide to a heathy skin barrier

Your guide to a heathy skin barrier

Your natural skin barrier is your protective shield from environmental aggressors, pollution, physical damage and irritation.  Extreme conditions can damage the skin barrier leaving it compromised and unable to hold onto essential nutrients, leaving the skin dehydrated and open to damage.

Like bricks and mortar, your skin barrier consists of cells that are held together with ceramides and lipids, the fatty oils that prevent penetration of aggressors and the evaporation of vital hydration.

Signs that your skin barrier is damaged or compromised may include red, dry, and irritated skin that may become flaky and sore. It may be particularly sensitive, reactive and it may feel itchy with rashes, or you may find your skin is dull and suddenly prone to breakout. Whenever your skin is showing these signs of stress, nourish with gentle, replenishing formulas that contain ceramides, lipids, peptides, and antioxidants to protect and repair.

Follow our simple skin barrier repair guide for skin TLC.

Hydration is essential for your healthy barrier function so look for Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and Niacinamide to replace essential moisture lost through the skin barrier. Fatty Acids, Omega and oils will keep your skin moisturised for longer.

Cleanse using SkinSense Gentle Cleansing Balm. The lightweight oils gently remove impurities without disrupting the delicate PH balance of the skins surface. Soothing ingredients such as chamomile, soy oil, shea butter and vitamins calm and comfort as the soft texture melts into the skin. Remember to rinse it with warm water rather than hot and use a soft cotton cloth to remove.

Hydranet Bi-Phase Cell Renewal Serum contains a mix of plant-based actives that protect and repair the skins natural barrier. This super lightweight concentrate uses probiotic technology that has been shown to effectively promote cell turnover and to have a positive effect on epidermal growth. Simply shake the bottle to combine both actives to strengthen and hydrate you skin leaving it visibly radiant and soft.

Nourishing Facial Oil is the perfect remedy for stressed skin and can be used in so many ways, a true S.O.S. hero. A powerful blend of Goji & Black Pepper extracts combines with Linefill™, Quinoa & Avocado Oils to restore smooth, plump skin that feels instantly relieved of dry irritation and tightness.  It also works to defend against the attack of free radicals.  Press one drop of oil to your skin after your moisturiser or for an intense treatment at night massage two drops into your skin. For a quick and easy upgrade, add one drop to your moisturiser day and night.

As you sleep, your skin moves to recovery mode, working hard to regenerate new cells.  Your skin is warmer at night and more permeable which means that its more receptive to products, but it also means that trans epidermal water loss is increased. Drop the concentration or remove retinol from your regime replacing it with formulas that support and maximise skin repair function without irritation, you can gradually reintroduce retinol once your skin barrier is stronger. We recommend our Overnight Leave on Mask which is rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolysed Proteins to balance moisture levels as Copper Peptides restore elasticity and collagen levels so that you wake to stronger, plumper and healthier skin.

By adjusting your skin regime to include formulas that support your natural barrier, your skin will recover to a healthy calm state.



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