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Welcome to your glow-up era: The power of Vitamin C Skincare

Welcome to your glow-up era: The power of Vitamin C Skincare

Welcome to your glow-up era: The power of Vitamin C Skincare

Are you ready to unlock the secret to radiant skin that’s glowing with renewed energy?  SkinSense Reinforcing Vitamin Complex is a true skincare superstar that visibly transforms dull, tired skin into a radiant, luminous complexion. Packed with powerful actives and plant extracts, this remarkable serum has become a best-selling customer favourite. In the ever-evolving world of skincare, Vitamin C is respected for its potent antioxidant properties and unparalleled ability to brighten, firm, and protect the skin.  Simply add a few drops of this liquid sunshine into your daily skincare routine for skin that’s bursting with energy.

SkinSense Reinforcing Vitamin Serum is a sell-out hero with outstanding five-star ratings. In addition to Vitamin C, this super lightweight formula combines a powerful blend of vitamins and plant extracts that each play a crucial role in visibly reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles, slackening, dehydration, and hyperpigmentation.

Here’s what can you expect to see during your skin transformation:

Brighter and more even skin tone:

One of the most notable benefits of incorporating our Reinforcing Vitamin Complex into your skincare routine is its ability to brighten and even out your skin tone. By inhibiting melanin production, Hexyresorcinol and Vitamin C help to fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage, resulting in a more radiant complexion.

Natural extracts of turmeric, passion fruit and ginger root work to improve the clarity, tone, and texture of the skin to achieve brighter, clearer, and an overall more even appearance.

Visibly reduced signs of ageing:

As we age, our skin naturally loses collagen, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Signature active Linefill™ is our anti-wrinkle wonder complex derived from cold-pressed Sesame Seed Oil, which mimics adipose tissue for a plumper, smoother skin as Vitamin C stimulates collagen production to maintain firmness and elasticity.

Vitamins A, B and C combine to reverse free radical damage with collagen-boosting properties to help counteract signs of ageing. Additionally, powerful plant derived antioxidants help protect the skin from environmental stressors, such as pollution and UV damage, which can accelerate the ageing process.

Intense hydration:

Although incredibly lightweight, our Reinforcing Vitamin Complex quenches your skin with intense hydration. Hyaluronic Acid, the molecule renowned for its ability to hold 1,000 times its own weight in moisture helps to restore the skin's hydration levels whilst Glycerin, an exceptional humectant, attracts and retains essential moisture within the skin.

Skin repair:

Argenine is an essential amino acid naturally present in the body. When used in skincare it delivers antioxidant benefits and plays a role in repairing visible skin damage.

We recommend applying SkinSense Advanced Lifting Cream after Reinforcing Vitamin Complex to create the ultimate skincare power-couple.  Supercharged with a unique lifting complex and skin pro-biotics, this nourishing moisturiser supports and balances healthy skin microbiome whilst visibly firming skin contours.

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