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The power of encapsulation

The power of encapsulation

The power of encapsulation

Abi Cleeve founded SkinSense with ground-breaking technology to create a revolution in the beauty industry. Her experience and knowledge of once-a-day sunscreen inspired her to create skincare using Lamellar technology which micro-encapsulates every precious active ingredient elevating their performance on a multitude of levels.

Lamellar gel structures have an exceptionally high affinity with our own skin which gives them the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin’s layers.  Lying in overlapping layers, they bind with the skin, releasing the actives in a controlled dose throughout the day and night.  Many actives are water soluble which means that they don’t penetrate past the skin barrier without encapsulation.

Potent ingredients can deliver exceptional results, but they are volatile.  For example, Vitamin C deteriorates once exposed to light, heat, and oxygen.  This can mean that its benefits can deplete quickly, particularly if it isn’t stored in a dark opaque and airtight container.  By encapsulating ingredients like Vitamin C, we preserve its purity & potency without adding preservatives.

Encapsulating actives protects them from exposure to oxygen, heat and light which will degrade their efficacy.  By preserving the integrity and purity of the ingredients, we reduce the need for preservatives and other ingredients that may cause irritation. This means that SkinSense formulas are suitable for those that may have sensitive skin and who may not have tolerated certain ingredients in the past. 

Lamellar technology drip feeds the actives in a controlled dose over many hours rather than in a single dose which may overwhelm your skin or lose efficacy after exposure. Powerful actives such as retinols are encapsulated with hydrating ingredients and antioxidants so they can be used without negative effects or dehydration.