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Spring clean your skincare regime

Spring clean your skincare regime

Spring clean your skincare regime

If your skincare no longer seems to be giving you the results you want, the signs are there it’s time to reset. SkinSense formulas use advanced lamellar technology which enable them to work longer and harder. Potent actives are encapsulated into structures so similar to our own lipids, they penetrate into the skin, strengthening the skin barrier and drip feeding potent actives for long lasting visible effects.

It’s easy to fall into habits, repeat buying the same products over several years which can lead to a routine rut. So, if you’re feeling your skin routine could do with a shake up and you’re ready to see incredible results, read our guide to essential formulas and recommendations. It’s time to ensure every piece of your skincare routine delivers results to really deserve its place on your shelf.

Cleanser – Without doubt one of the most important steps in any regime. Effective cleansing removes impurities, perspiration and congestion that accumulates. Whilst gently exfoliating dull, lack lustre dead skin cells.  All your active formulas will penetrate to perform more effectively when your skin is cleansed. Our Ceramide24 Delicate Cleansing Cream contains 4% Lactic Acid to soften and smooth, transforming from a delicate cream into an effective cleansing oil. Enriched with soothing Safflower Seed, this nourishing formula creates a calming morning or night-time ritual.

Serum- These potent formulations contain a high concentration of actives to target areas of concern such as dullness, hydration or lines and wrinkles. Reinforcing Vitamin Complex is supercharged with vitamins A, B & C to brighten dull skin and improve pigmentation for a luminous glow.

Eye – The skin around your eye is more delicate and doesn’t have as many oil glands leaving it more susceptible to sensitivity and irritation, as well as lines and wrinkles.  Choose a specially formulated eye cream with careful concentrations of retinol or brightening ingredients which specifically care for the eye contour. Retinol Eye Concentrate with its triple action ball roller application massages to aid lymphatic drainage, whilst the mild retinol combats deeper lines and wrinkles.

Moisturiser – An essential for all skin types, your daily moisturiser locks skin actives and hydration onto your skin, supporting the skins natural barrier function and preventing moisture loss. Ceramide24 Pro-Resilience Day Cream contains a ceramide lipid complex to replenish and hydrate stressed out skin. Nourishing fatty acids provide essential recovery and support to a compromised skin barrier. 

Retinol –Almost all skin types can benefit from introducing a retinol into their regime.  Derived from vitamin A, retinol accelerates cell turnover to reveal younger, plumper skin cells which improves texture, lines, wrinkles, and congestion.  Our encapsulation of retinol combined with hydrating actives delivers all the benefits of retinol without associated irritation.  0.3% Retinol Serum is a perfect entry-level formula to tackle the signs of ageing. You’ll wonder quite how you managed without it.

Facial Oil – Packed with nutrients and protecting against vital moisture loss, facial oils are luxuriously hydrating and a beautiful medium for facial massage to aid relaxation and drainage.  Our Midnight Oil Concentrate is a deeply indulgent blend of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, lavender and chamomile to help lull you into a calm state and to aid sleep. Intensely moisturising rosehip oil and squalene melt into the skin to support natural repair and recovery.  A truly holistic treatment for your soul and skin.

Refresh your skincare this Spring and enjoy glowing skin as we transition into the warmer months

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