Understanding hyper-pigmentation & an offer you can't miss!

Understanding hyper-pigmentation & an offer you can't miss!

Understanding hyper-pigmentation & an offer you can't miss!

What is pigmentation? 

Hyperpigmentation is a broad term that is used to describe conditions that cause dark patches on the skin.  They may be caused by hormonal changes such as pregnancy, acne or scarring but the most common cause of the hyper-pigmentation is sun exposure.  

UVA rays stimulate melanocyte cells to produce melanin as a defence to absorb light.  Occasionally, sun exposure causes an overstimulation of the cells which cluster together to form dark patches on the face, neck, décolletage and hands. 

Is it harmful? 

Most pigmentation is not harmful although we suggest you seek medical advise if you notice any sudden changes.  

Can I reduce the appearance of existing pigmentation? 

The good news is yes, you can successfully reduce the appearance and prevent the return of pigmentation. SkinSense & Ultrasun Anti-pigmentation formulas contain Hexlyresorcinol, an active which has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of pigmentation within 14 days.   

Which formulas should I choose? 

SkinSense have partnered with Ultrasun to create the most powerful targeted anti-pigmentation regime exclusive to QVC.  Both use unique Lamellar technology which encapsulates key actives, releasing them gradually throughout the day and night for superior, longer lasting results.

NEW Advanced Anti-pigmentation Perfecting Serum combines the power of Niacinimide with Hexylresorcinol. Together, these powerful actives work to prevent and reduce pigmentation whilst strengthening the skin natural barrier, protecting cells from further damage and calming irritation.  The beautifully lightweight texture is non-sensitising and therefore suitable for even sensitive skin.   

We recommend Ultrasun Face Anti-Pigmentation SPF50+. Apply daily and ongoing as your Broad-Spectrum protection from further damage and pigmentation. Our skin is exposed to UVA everyday through sunlight penetrating deep into the skins layers where they disrupt collagen and elastin cells and stimulate melanin in the melanocytes which may lead to pigmentation. Grease free and easily absorbed, the fresh texture won’t block your pores.  Free from emulsifiers, perfumes and oils, it’s suitable for those that suffer with prickly heat or sun allergies and can be used perfectly as a matte finish make-up primer.

Treat dark patches of pigmentation on your hands with Ultrasun Anti-Ageing & Anti-Pigmentation Hand SPF25.  The fast absorbing, nourishing cream restores skin elasticity and strength with  a wealth of antioxidants, Ceramides 3, Niacinamide  and Prickly Pear Seed Oil. Hard working hands feel instantly rehydrated, comforted and supple as Broad Spectrum SPF defends you all day long.

How often should I apply? 

SkinSense and Ultrasun should be applied just once a day unless in extreme conditions.  Continue to apply the anti-pigmentation formulas daily to prevent further pigmentation. 

SkinSense have teamed up with Ultrasun to create the ultimate skin partnership for QVC.  This unique 5 piece collection is the first of its kind featuring two skincare brands that work together, using Lamellar technology to unlock the full potential of each active for optimum results. Carefully curated this beautiful bundle contains best-selling formulas as well as a brand NEW product launch for healthy, bright, and brilliant skin.

Containing SkinSense Double Strength Retinol, Ultrasun Face Anti-Pigmentation SPF50+, NEW SkinSense Advanced Anti-Pigmentation Perfecting Serum, Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation Hand SPF25 &SkinSense Highly Active Day Cream. Power packed with highly targeted actives, this is the ultimate collection for glowing, healthy skin this summer. 

Shop the collection now for only £44.98, this incredible full-size and complete collection is worth £166.00 to buy directly. Secure yours with the option to receive 2 auto deliveries at the same price after 60 days. Only whilst stocks last!