About skinSense

It is named skinSense because that is exactly what it is: complete common sense for your skin.

Over the last two decades, Abi Cleeve has been recognised in the health and beauty industry for her wide ranging expertise. She is best known for launching Swiss sun-care brand Ultrasun in the UK and steering it to its current position as one of the leading professional sun protection brands.

Frustrated that the beauty industry often relies on old technology, Abi decided to use her knowledge of sunscreen formulations to create a brand that utilises ground breaking technology.

“There are some amazing technological advances available within skincare. If we can get UVA and UVB protection to stay on our skin all day long, then why can’t we do the same with hydration, anti-ageing and the precious ingredients we all want on our skin throughout the day and night?”

skinSense uses a patented lamellar technology that locks ingredients into the skin so that they work longer and better. Marrying the perfect and potent mix of powerful, proven anti-ageing ingredients in a simple and easy to use formulation, Abi has spearheaded the production of this total skincare solution.

Abi Cleeve

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